Sunday, April 20, 2014

Christmas Door Wreaths

It's that time of year when your thoughts turn to decorating for the holidays. What better way to start than securing a beautiful wreath to your front door?

I have always loved wreaths and have made quite a few of them for myself and to give to others. I think my love of wreaths actually started when my sons (I have four of them) started selling them for their Boy Scout troops. They have wreaths of all sizes to choose from. I have a large area on the front of my home that I would put a 60 inch wreath on. In the beginning, I would just put a flood light on the wreath as part of our Christmas decorations. Eventually I would add embellishments to the wreaths and after some years, I finally strung them with lights. They are always so pretty I think especially because it is such a huge wreath. Besides the round shaped wreaths, they have come out with a candy cane shaped wreath that I see is quite popular - at least in my neighborhood. My boys are long grown now, but if a Boy Scout comes to your door this fall, take a good look at what he has to offer. You can always alter the wreath in any way you want.

Evergreen Wreaths

This wreath is probably the most common of wreaths and they can be rustic to quite elegant. Leave it plain or add your own decorations to it. One of my neighbors used to hang a small evergreen wreath to each of her windows all around the house. She would fasten a wide, beautiful ribbon to hang the wreath from and also add an elegant bow with the same ribbon. Might sound plain but it absolutely had a beautiful effect especially after she put a flood light on all of them.

Twig Wreaths 

I have only one twig wreath and I hang it over the fireplace every year. These wreaths say "country look" to me but they can be decorated to look otherwise. You can purchase twig wreaths at almost any arts and craft stores.

Ribbon Wreaths

I have seen some gorgeous ribbon wreaths. These wreaths truly make a statement! There is virtually any kind of ribbon on the market these days to add to your wreath.

Choose from the traditional red, green, and gold ribbons or go with the many other color and texture choices out there. You can find plaids, wired metallic sheer ribbon, and mesh ribbons. Christmas definitely does not have to be about red and green. Silver and gold are popular choices as are the deep blues, purples, and even black ribbons. Besides the elegant ribbons mentioned here, I also found burlap ribbon probably used for more of a country style wreath.

Ornament Wreaths

Ornament wreaths compliment any door or wall. There are so many choices that it really does boggle the mind. How striking is this wreath below if it was attached to a very dark or black door?

Lastly, don't forget about a Christmas door wreath hanger. When hanging a wreath with a hanger, you will not need to put any holes in the doors. To some, that is very important. I have several wreaths to hang inside and out and find these hangers so easy to use.

Happy Decorating

I hope you have found this site enjoyable and that your holiday creative juices are flowing. I love the Christmas season and though it is a lot of work to get all the decorations up, my boys seem to truly love and appreciate it when they make it home for the holidays. They say the decorations at Christmas brings back many memories as time spent as a family and that gives me much pleasure for sure!